Why your Estate Agents need an app

Apps are no longer just for big companies like Amazon and Nike, we have made them affordable and functional for smaller businesses.
You may think that an app may be wasted, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Here are the top 4 benefits of having your own app and why you need to do it before your competitors do.

It’s all about mobility

As web is moving to mobile, it is essential to have an app! People spend hours of their day on their phones. According to Huffpost people spend an average of 5 hours a day on their mobiles. Making mobiles a vital tool for any business! So why specifically Estate Agents? We can set up your app so that it can send out push notifications to your customers, so that they are constantly being reminded. Looking for a property can be a long and tiring search, customers will not find a property within an hour of looking. With an app people can pull their mobiles out and have a quick look in the evening in front of the TV, whilst having a coffee in a café or even walking the dog!

Creating a more personal way of finding a property

With all the tv adverts, brochures and billboards etc. we have lost one to one selling. Having an app that lets customers create an account and fill in what they are looking for creates a more personal selling point to your business. When a property comes on the market with the customers specifications then we can set up your app to send them a push notification so that they can see the properties that they would be interested in as soon as they can come on the market.

Your app can do more than just advertise properties

Your app can do a lot more than just display your properties; contact details, about us, customer reviews, location setter, advanced searches, tenant accounts/log in, document uploads, special deals and offers, meet the team and much much more! If you have any special requirements for your app, no problem just get in touch and we will do our best to achieve your requirements.

Stand out from the competition

Not many small businesses have an app, so why don’t get ahead of the game? This will undoubtedly draw more customers in, and even steal customers from your competitors. It will give you an edge that your competitors don’t have!

So, get one step ahead of everybody else! Get in touch with us today and we will get your completely customised app up and running.

The Mobile App for YOUR Estate Agents

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