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I bet that you can either see or feel your mobile phone right now, chances are you are reading this on your mobile, if not its probably in reaching distance, am I right? Our phones are becoming an essential part of our everyday lives.

With web moving to mobile and computers becoming a thing of the past, mobiles are becoming the future. According to Huffpost people spend an average of 5 hours a day on their mobiles. We use our mobiles for pretty much everything now a days emails; shopping, socialising, travailing, stalking our friends and now searching for a property.

Looking for a property can be a long search, customers will not find a property within an hour of looking. With an app people can pull their mobiles out and have a quick look; in the evening in front of the TV, whilst having a coffee or even walking the dog!

Mobile is a vital tool for any business to advertise. At the start of 2018 it was recorded that 2.5 million people have a smart phone. That’s 2.5 million people who could hear about your business, through their mobiles.

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